Energy sector

The decommissioning of obsolete energy production plants generates a large amount of waste of different types - both hazardous and non-hazardous - and involves specific demolition and dismantling work.
In addition, when demolition is not complete, a high level of precision is required, requiring experienced technicians and specialised, accurate machinery.
  • Professionals with technical knowledge - such as environmentalists - and specific knowledge of the machinery required for demolition in the energy sector, as well as being trained in the dismantling and removal of asbestos-contaminated materials.

  • Purchase and sale of metallic materials.

  • Management of waste and inert materials (fixed and mobile plants). Reuse of materials for soil stabilisation and the construction of embankments, by crushing with mobile grinders

  • In cases in which the company continues its activity, we carry out the project without interfering with it.