Demolition with no footprint

Erri Berri refuerza su compromiso con una sostenibilidad real a través de la realización de prácticas responsables que integran las dimensiones social y ambiental en sus operaciones de negocio y en sus relaciones con los grupos de interés. Nuestra organización cuenta con el reconocimiento del Gobierno de Navarra por nuestro compromiso con la responsabilidad social mediante la implantación del Sistema de Gestión InnovaRSE.

Our aim:
to build a better world

  • Strategic plan and program of objectives for the entire organization.
  • Certified quality management system.
  • Continuous measurement and improvement actions for productivity and efficiency.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Approval of suppliers with social responsibility criteria.
Thanks to our Environmental Plan in 2020 we have achieved:
  • Promotion of circular economy.
  • Reduction of environmental impacts.
  • Implementation of environmental improvement actions on a continuous basis.
  • Voluntary equality plan.
  • Certified OSH management system.
  • Knowledge transfer and polyvalence plan.
  • Job stability and employment protection.
  • Promotion of universal stability and inclusion.
  • Reconciliation of work and family life.
  • Participation in the local community.
  • Sectoral alliances.

Health and Safety Plan

Our Health and Safety Plan for people working in the organisation includes:

- Establishing a communication plan in order to improve health indicators related to healthy habits.
- Reducing our accident rate.
- Raising awareness among 100% of the workforce of the risks associated with the misuse of mobile devices.
- Optimising on-site preventive monitoring and increasing the integration of prevention at all levels.

You can request our Prevention, Health and Safety Plan and our Supplier Policy through Contact.

Equality Plan

- Promote the defence and effective application of the principle of equality between men and women, guaranteeing the same opportunities for entry and professional development at all levels in the workplace.
- Achieve a balanced representation of women in the company.
- Promote and improve women's access to positions of responsibility, helping to reduce inequalities and imbalances that may exist within the company.
- Ensure that HR management complies with the legal requirements applicable to equal opportunities.
- Prevent discrimination based on gender in the workplace by establishing an action protocol.
- Reinforce the Group's CSR commitment to improving the quality of life of employees and their families, as well as to promote the principle of equal opportunities.
- Establish measures that favour the work-, family-, and personal- life balance of the company's employees.
If you would like us to send you our Equality Plan, request it through Contact.

CSR Recognition

The Government of Navarre certifies that Erri Berri has carried out the InnovaRSE Planning and complies with the InnovaRSE Methodology (RSE is Spanish for CSR). The Action Plan is complemented with a series of quantitative indicators useful for the CSR approach. It is important that these indicators coincide with those included in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), as the InnovaRSE Sustainability Reports are designed according to the GRI G3 criteria.